Consultation Process

My approach to consultation work is as follows:


1. You as the client complete an intake form electronically. The information you share helps me understand your current condition. Please feel free to send additional documentation, such as MRI and X-ray images. Specify your preference for a land or aquatic session (or both).


2. After evaluation of your information, I'll create a first draft of your personalized prescription for structured movement (personal script) for the first one-on-one session. 


Please review my Guidelines for a Productive Consultation.


3. The first one-on-one session involves us working together to optimize and refine your personal script with breath-centric movement.


4. After your session, you'll receive a finalized personal script for practice on your own. The script is designed for you to enjoy in a 20-30 minute time frame consistently throughout your week. Return for follow-up as recommended or needed. If you have a question that arises after the session and before your next session, please see Remote Consultations.


If you have a pool, I can also provide to you a private aqua yoga session.

How to Schedule

For an appointment, it is best to coordinate with me in person as my availability changes from week to week. Because I am quickly getting booked, please reach out to me as soon as possible. The current lead time is two to three weeks.


Contact me by calling or texting 214-476-9787 or submit your request through the contact form. 

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