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Aqua Yoga

This practice in warm salt water will calm your mind and heighten your awareness of your breath, spine and whole body.


The viniyoga approach to postures practice involves complete coordination of movement into and out of postures with the breath. Because appropriate adaptation in consideration of an individual's unique makeup is favored over forcing the body into the "perfect form", this is a very accessible yoga postures practice.

Group Offering Schedule


Mon 9:00 AM Aqua Yoga Plano
  12:00 PM Viniyoga Dallas
Tue 10:30 AM Viniyoga Land Series Richardson
  1:30 PM Aqua Yoga Workshop / CEUs


Wed 9:00 AM Aqua Yoga


  10:30 AM Aqua Yoga


Thur 1:30 PM Aqua Yoga Workshop / CEUs


Fri 9:00 AM Aqua Yoga


Fri 12:00 PM Viniyoga



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