Yoga Teacher Training & Mentoring

In addition to Yoga Teacher Training module offerings, I am happy to consult yoga teachers in a teacher development mentoring process.


For YTT programs, I have an Introduction to Aqua Yoga Module that is available for CEUs with Yoga Alliance. I also teach an Anatomy for Yoga Module with an emphasis on safety and considerations for the aging population.


For yoga teachers who are interested in further development in a mentoring context, we can arrange for meetings in person and by phone. I can also help a teacher or studio with website development and promotional ideas.


Contact me for further information.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

For 2021, I am teaching the vinyasa and pranayama techniques portion of Dallas Yoga Center's 200 hour yoga teacher training program. I will help capture other topics as well.


This training can be taken either in-person or online. Parts of the training are online only.


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Introduction to Aqua Yoga Module (3 hours)

More and more yoga teachers are interested in making yoga accessible to their community. By bringing the asana practice to the pool environment, many individuals who live life with very challenging conditions can experience the movement of prana to help them access relief from the pain they experience. 


I have studied with Camella Nair of Aqua Kriya Yoga and am pleased to offer this module as an introduction for yoga teachers. This course can be brought onsite to a location that has a pool. Ideally the pool is held at a temperature around 90 degrees and has varying depths to accommodate different heights of people. Otherwise, a YTT program can schedule a time with me for their students to take the module at AquaFit of Plano. The cost of the course for the participants depends on the selected location.


Students will experience breath-centric asana practice in the water using the pool wall and pool noodles as props. They will identify how the various properties of water affect the body in asana practice and how the inclusion of props in the water enhance the practice. Students will consider the accessibility of aqua yoga for individuals with various challenging structural, neurological and physiological conditions. They will discuss the translation of asana to the water.


Learn more about this offering and other CEU opportunities by visiting our aqua yoga educational website

Anatomy for Yoga Module (9 hours)

I have developed and taught the Anatomy portion of Yoga Chikitsa of Richardson's Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Program. My approach in teaching anatomy to teacher trainees involves providing a plethora of visuals and repetition of anatomical terms (i.e. medial, lateral, superior and inferior).  I also think having an experiential and kinesthetic learning experience is important.  As an example, I ask students to touch the skeleton model and show me where a bone or muscle is according to what they see on their handout. I also have them try out a movement and say the name of the movement aloud to learn terminology. We discuss origin, insertion, actions and which muscles are strengthened and released in which major postures. We open every session with a meditation on the breath and the spine. Because of the types of populations I have experience with, I do have an emphasis on safety and accessibility in my teaching. See my Credentials and Experience page:


The program I developed is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to Anatomy for Yoga
  • Leg, Knee, Ankle & Foot
  • Hips & Psoas
  • Core, Spine & Nervous System
  • Shoulders
  • Arm, Wrists, Hands & Neck

Each of these six sections is about 1 hour 15 minutes of lecture. I recommend another 15 minutes for questions. I am happy to offer the anatomy portion of yoga teacher training to any interested program and can re-organize the sections to fit your teacher training program's schedule.


I provide full color handouts for the students to keep. Through discussion and interaction we fill in the missing information together.


This module is designed to be an accompaniment to a program that already has a Postures Examination module. If your YTT program would like for me to teach further to help meet Yoga Alliance's 20 hours requirement, please contact me.

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