If you'd like to know when these workshops will be held again, send me a message.

Maybe you have space to host or know of someone who would. I'd be happy to work through an arrangement with you.

Call me at 214-476-9787 or submit your inquiry through the contact form.


Past Workshops

Inspirational Coloring and Meditation - 10 Minutes a Day


Too busy to be mindful? Sandi and Cher are coming together once again to teach simple techniques to help you hit the pause button throughout the day in a special workshop which includes a personalized and signed copy of one of Cher's latest books!


Host Facility:

AquaFit of Plano / Fit2

1400 Summit Ave, Ste D

Plano, 75074


Cost: $50, includes a personalized and signed copy of either Joy or Gratitude (participant's choice)


Reservation required. Call host facility at 972-578-7946 or sign up online via MindBody.




Workshop on Meditative Coloring and Simple Meditation


Come meet local artist and internationally published author Cher Kaufmann and learn about the joys and benefits of meditative coloring. Cher will teach simple coloring tips, ideology in connectivity and awareness in how and where to look for inspiration. It's fun, relaxing, social and instructive. A sample page from one of Cher's coloring books will be provided. Books will also be available for purchase!


You'll also experience in this workshop a guided meditation and instruction on how to build your own simple meditation practice at home. Have you heard the benefits of meditation and are wondering where to start? Come learn from Salted Mat Yoga's instructor Sandi Tindal and cultivate your own peaceful and calm space amidst this busy time of year.

Workshop on Yoga for Healthy Aging


Yoga provides excellent tools to manage the health concerns of the older body. In this workshop you'll learn how yoga can assist the individual working through conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, overweight, osteopenia and osteoperosis. The sedentary lifestyle of many older people is also linked to problems of reduced joint flexibility, poor posture (which increases risk of fractures, low back pain and breathing difficulties) and lack of balance (which increases risk of falls).


You'll learn how to utilize a simple chair as a prop to help you re-establish the strength and mobility your body needs to stay healthy as you age. Come discover a gentle, effective method to wellness and see a simple chair in a whole new way!