Personal Breath & Movement Consultations

Creating Movements for Your Unique Self

In our daily activities, we unconsciously have a tendency to move and do things a certain way. The poor movement habits that we have and are unaware of unfortunately create bodily discomfort. The accumulation of these habits as we age potentially leads to structural damage or injury - furthering the experience of pain. 


Through a personal consultation, I can help you uncover unconscious dysfunctional habits and tendencies in your movement patterns. This process is designed to simultaneously help you see those patterns and undo them so that you can learn how to create functional movements for your structure and your daily activities.


Do you also want to learn how to manage your energy (alert during day, sleep well at night) or increase your ability to focus and concentrate? Specific breath adaptation and form adaptation techniques as part of your personal movement practice can be integrated and incorporated in to help you in those areas as well.

How It Works

  • To help you discover healthy movement for your structure, you'll learn anatomical breathing match as the foundation. 
  • In a session, you will be asked to try movements into and out of various positions coordinated with the breath.
  • Because I am evaluating information you share with me before a session, we will minimize placing you into positions that may be painful for your condition.
  • As an observer of your movements, I'll help direct your attention to areas in your body that are moving dysfunctionally.
  • As I guide your attention, you'll work with the breath to reduce poor movement patterns as you strengthen what is weak and relax what is tense. 

This technique comes from a well-regarded lineage of yoga teaching called Viniyoga.

Consultation Process

My approach to consultation work is as follows:


1. You as the client complete an intake form. The information you share helps me understand your current condition. Please feel free to send additional documentation, such as MRI and X-ray images. Specify your preference for a land or aquatic session (or both).


2. After evaluation of your information, I'll create a first draft of your personalized script for movement for the first one-on-one session.


3. The first one-on-one session involves us working together to optimize and refine your first breath and movement script.


4. After your session, you'll receive a breath and movement script for practice on your own. The script is designed for you to enjoy in a 20-30 minute time frame consistently throughout your week. Return for follow-up as recommended or needed. If you have a question that arises after the session and before your next session, please see my information regarding Remote Consultations.


I can also provide to you a private aqua yoga session if you have major joint concerns or any other condition (pregnancy, vertigo/balance issues, etc.) you feel would be easier to work through in the water environment. I am happy to visit home pools or schedule a visit with you at AquaFit of Plano's warm salt water pool.


Service Cost Detail
First Quick Consultation (first-time, one-time) Varies, Reduced Cost Pricing depends on meeting location & recommended time length (15 - 30 minutes) based on client's condition. Contact Sandi directly for your quick consultation rate.
Start up fee $25 Intake forms review & drafting of client's personal script for first session. *

Breath and Movement Consultation session, 1 hour

@ Yoga Chiktisa

$125 Guidance through drafted or previously established script. Modifications likely to occur. After session, modifications and practice notes are updated to client's script. Fee covers studio rent at Yoga Chikitsa plus 2 video or phone call check ins.

Breath and Movement Consultation Package - four 1 hour sessions @ Yoga Chikitsa

$450 Complete consultation offering with continuous support; script refinement and time to incorporate new breath and movement concepts being learned.

Breath and Movement Consultation session, 1 hour

@ Dallas Yoga Center

$125 Guidance through drafted or previously established script. Modifications likely to occur. After session, modifications and practice notes are updated to client's script. Fee covers studio rent at Dallas Yoga Center plus 2 video or phone call check ins.

Aquatic Breath and Movement Consultation session, 45 - 50 minutes @ AquaFit of Plano

(open pool time)

$95 This rate includes use of the pool as a resource during open swim hours whether or not you are a member of Aquafit. You will have a privacy lane marking off space for the consultation. Other clients of Aquafit may be present using the pool. Volume is low during the week and potentially higher on Saturdays. Children also may be present during open swim.

Aquatic Breath and Movement Consultation session, 45 - 50 minutes @ AquaFit of Plano

(complete privacy)

$120 For an additional $25, you can schedule a complete privacy session with no other open swim clients present. These are held after normal facility hours. Hours for this offering are limited to Sundays.

Aquatic Breath and Movement Consultation Packages @ AquaFit of Plano

Varies Your package rate will depend on results of the first quick consultation and the level of ongoing support that interests you. Session packages may involve multiple shorter sessions 30 minutes in length.

Aquatic Breath and Movement Consultation session, 45 - 50 minutes

@ Client's home pool

$75 Tips for travel to client's home greatly appreciated. Round-trip mileage from my home to yours will be noted on your invoice. Generally, I am willing to travel within a 15 mile radius from my home.

* Past or previous clients (prior to May 2018) who have not had a consultation session with a recommended personalized script will need to pay start up fee. Clients who have had a significant structural change since their last consultation with me will also need to pay this fee.


I am also happy to extend consideration of reduced rate to clients who are on Medicaid (please provide evidence).

Yoga Chikitsa:

328 W. Campbell Rd, Richardson 75080


Dallas Yoga Center:

4525 Lemmon Ave, Dallas 75219


AquaFit of Plano:

1400 Summit Ave, Ste D, Plano 75074

Rates at Your Home

If you feel you have a condition that warrants my visit to your home, I am happy to discuss that with you by phone. Please keep in mind that coming to your home involves me bringing equipment unless you have equipment that I feel will support your practice. If you have a pool that meets my requirements and you'd like a personal aqua practice consultation, I am happy to come to your location. 

How to Schedule

For an appointment, it is best to coordinate with me by calling or texting me as my availability changes from week to week. Because I am quickly getting booked, please reach out to me as soon as possible. The first available appointment offering is typically 2 weeks from the time you contact me.


Contact me by calling or texting 214-476-9787 or submit your request through the contact form


You can also receive a special introductory quick consultation rate just by contacting me!

"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage."  - George William Curtis