Yoga Techniques in Richardson

I developed Yoga Techniques as a specialized class to help students connect with a better understanding of yoga postures that are typically offered in a vinyasa practice. While teaching vinyasa classes, I saw many students enjoy connecting breath with flow and movement but I also saw students entering into postures repeatedly with a lack of awareness of how to engage the muscles working in each pose properly. Can you experience a repetitive stress injury in yoga? Unfortunately, yes. Are there transitions and movements that can be problematic when done over and over again? Yes. The problem is not the yoga asana (pose) itself but the misunderstanding and misuse of energy while practicing it. As a teacher and as someone who wants everyone to enjoy yoga for the long haul, I shifted my teaching in vinyasa classes to help students take on even the most challenging poses more confidently.


My teaching approach allows you to connect the whole body to the work that is going on in each posture. Props (including the wall) are used to help increase self-awareness. You will not be guided through so quickly that you lose track of the deep and subtle work that should happen in the pose. The etymology of the Sanskrit word "vinyasa" conveys the idea "to place with intention." By taking the time to establish placement and understand form, you can actually experience greater freedom and ease. I'll be helping you to get the body organized with the kind of intention and structure you can take back with joy into your daily life.


Saturday, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (class appears as part of a special offering rotation, dates TBD)

What to bring

Your yoga mat and bottled water.

What to expect the first time you come

I teach this class as a contractor for Yoga Chikitsa & Ayurveda in Richardson. The studio is located in a retail plaza on Campbell Rd. From the parking lot you'll see a sign that says "Yoga" above the studio entrance. The studio has the advantage of being more towards the corner of the plaza and does not have much foot traffic in front of it. During daytime the space has natural sunlight coming in - really quite lovely! Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to sign a waiver and speak to me about any concerns you have for practice.

New student pricing

10 days for $10 or first monthly unlimited for $39

Continuing student pricing

See for pricing options


Yoga Chikitsa and Ayurveda

328 W. Campbell Rd

Richardson, TX 75080