Wall Ropes Yoga in Richardson

The wall rope system was first developed by B.K.S. Iyengar who used it as a prop to inform and advance his yoga practice.  He called the rope work "yoga kurunta" which means "yoga puppetry."


The beauty and cleverness of the wall ropes is that it provides another plane of support for working with the body in gravity. Often in many yoga classes, students only have one plane of reference - the ground - to explore postures in. The body only receives feedback from the one plane and being able to detect the healthiest possible alignment becomes somewhat of a mystery to students who rely heavily on the teacher for a "reality check."


In wall ropes yoga the addition of another point of reference informs the student with valuable feedback in how to position the body for the most balanced effort throughout the entire body.  What may have been perceived as a very difficult pose with one side of the body doing too much work suddenly becomes one that can be experienced with more stability, comfort and a sense of integration of the body working as a whole. 


Gravity and western living also make maintaining the health of the spine a tremendous challenge. Wall ropes yoga provides an opportunity to rejuvenate the health of the spine by providing a safe and supportive environment to enjoy inversions, practice healthy forward folds and uplifting back bends.



Mondays, 5:45 - 7:00 PM

What to bring

Mats are available for use; bring bottled water to rehydrate

What to expect the first time you come

This class is limited to 12 stations. Reservations are highly recommended; often the class reservations are filled the day before class. To reserve find the class on the studio schedule here:



I also recommend that you have prior experience with yoga or some other form of body awareness exercise.


I teach this class as a contractor for Yoga Chikitsa & Ayurveda in Richardson. The studio is located in a retail plaza on Campbell Rd. From the parking lot you'll see a sign that says "Yoga" above the studio entrance. The studio has the advantage of being more towards the corner of the plaza and does not have much foot traffic in front of it. Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to sign a waiver and speak to me about any concerns you have for practice.

New Student Pricing

10 days for $10 or first monthly unlimited for $39 (choose one)

Continuing Student Pricing

See http://www.yogachikitsaayurveda.com/ for pricing options


Yoga Chikitsa and Ayurveda

328 W. Campbell Rd

Richardson, TX 75080

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