Wall Ropes Yoga in Richardson

The wall rope system was first developed by B.K.S. Iyengar who used it as a prop to inform and create greater alignment in his yoga practice.  He called the rope work "yoga kurunta" which means "yoga puppetry."


The cleverness of the wall ropes is that it provides another plane of support for working with the body in gravity. Often in many yoga classes, students only have one plane of reference - the ground - to explore postures in. The body only receives feedback from the one plane and being able to detect good alignment becomes somewhat of a mystery to students who rely heavily on the teacher for a "reality check."


In wall ropes yoga the addition of another point of reference informs the student with valuable feedback in how to position the body for more balanced effort.  What may have been perceived as a very difficult pose with one side of the body doing too much work suddenly becomes one that can be experienced with more stability, comfort and a sense of integration of the body working as a whole. 


We can also use the wall ropes equipment to help people who cannot weight bear on the arms or knees.


Gravity and western living also make maintaining the health of the spine a tremendous challenge. Wall ropes yoga provides an opportunity to practice inversions with no weight-bearing on the arms, shoulders and neck.


Sandi no longer teaches wall ropes as a class regularly; however, she does show the use of wall ropes for individuals who cannot weight bear on the arms in her current class offerings.


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