Restorative Yoga

In modern living, we are often unable to release stress adequately and as a result, optimal functioning of mind and body is compromised. With the nervous system stuck in overdrive, we cannot absorb nutrition properly, experience disturbed sleep, have difficulty managing our weight and lower our immune system response. We remain trapped in a cycle where we even become stressed out by the very symptoms of stress.


Group restorative yoga sessions are no longer being scheduled in Plano. However, we highly recommend you check out Restorative Yoga at Yoga Chikitsa in Richardson! From time to time Sandi is asked to fill in as a sub for the class.


If you have interest in learning restorative yoga for your personal condition, please contact Sandi for a private session tailored to your needs. Please be aware that your request still must follow my Personal Consultation process.



"I have a very difficult time relaxing and am usually very tense all the time along with some anxiety. I was amazed after just my first class with Sandi how much more calm I felt. This was a much different type of yoga I had never heard of and was much more relaxing for my body. I could feel the stretching in my stomach and this became more therapeutic with each session. These poses have helped me so much, they are the first thing I do each morning when I get out of bed. I plan to continue to take more classes and learn more poses. Sandi is a wonderful teacher, especially for beginners."

-Josh Z.


"My very first restorative yoga class was amazing! The emphasis was on insomnia. Sandi taught us techniques and methods that would allow our minds and bodies to relax which in turn would allow us to sleep peacefully. The techniques illustrated were very simple and easy to do at house. Half-way through the class, I felt completely relaxed. I strongly encourage this class for everyone of all ages!!!" -Von K.


"Restorative Yoga is a powerful combination of physical and mental relaxation.  It is probably not the yoga class you expect. The practice is totally about relaxation, which is a different challenge.  Sandi guides the experience with her excellent teaching skills and knowledge of the many benefits of yoga in its various forms.   I snore in some of the restorative poses - no one has complained yet.  The practice puts me in touch with real relaxation." -Deb H.


"I have had trouble sleeping for over 10 years, and after taking a handful of Restorative yoga sessions with Sandi, I can say I am more relaxed and feel less stressful.  Sandi explains each pose and the benefits of each which really helps you decide what works best for you.  I look forward to practicing at home to continue healing my mind and body.  Thank you Sandi!" -Karen Z.


"I have taken Sandi's classes in yoga, water yoga and restorative yoga.   I have benefitted with better posture, decreased stiffness, and greater strength and balance.   Sandi is the very best yoga instructor I have ever had....she focuses on her clients needs and abilities, and plans her classes to be both relaxing and beneficial for your body.   She clearly cares about helping people.  Thank you Sandi!  I love your classes." - Donna F.

Past Restorative Yoga Sessions

“Without an anchor, we can be drifted to any shore.”  - Lailah Gifty Akita