Private, Semi-Private & Private Group Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Though I believe yoga can be adapted to everyone, a group yoga class is not necessarily for everyone.


Some individuals are at a point in their life where whether due to trauma or a culmination of unhealthy physical or mental patterns are not going to receive the kind of care and attention they need for timely healing by attending a group yoga class. Though I try my best to adapt the practice in a group setting to everyone in attendance, special consideration should be given to special situations. I encourage you to be wise in your decision. Group yoga classes certainly do have the appeal of being more affordable, but a private session greatly reduces risk and may actually be more worth your time and money in the long run. In a group class there is a greater chance that you are not truly adapting the work to your particular situation. In a one-on-one session you have the time to give me feedback which allows me to adjust and optimize to your response.


I'm pleased to have time in my schedule to offer private and semi-private lessons. If you have a pool, I can also provide to you a private aqua yoga session.

For a morning, afternoon, evening or weekend appointment, it is best to coordinate with me in person as my availability changes from week to week.


Private Lesson Rate at Yoga Chikitsa in Richardson:



Semi-Private Lesson Rate:

$125 per hour for 2 individuals

$150 per person per hour for 3 individuals

$175 per person per hour for 4 individuals


Private Groups of 5 or more:

Contact me regarding your situation


Private Lesson Rate at Dallas Yoga Center:

$125/hour per individual


In some situations, I am available to come to the student's home. Depending on the location, the rate may reduce.


Consult with me by calling 214-476-9787 or submit your request through the contact form

Private Group Lessons

Doing yoga as part of a team building or party activity can be a fabulous way for your group to get to know each other as they receive the benefits of physical activity, stress relief and enhanced emotional intelligence. When practicing yoga with more of a group awareness approach, participants can learn to increase both self and social awareness as well as build self and relational management skills simultaneously.


I have worked with groups as young as 9 as well as teens. For my older clients, group work in the pool environment has helped them increase empathy and enhance their sense of being in community with others.


Contact me for a quote for your private group lesson by calling 214-476-9787 or submit your request through the contact form.