Rates & Payment

Rates at Sandi's Home Studio

I am happy to offer my home studio for consultations. I do reserve my home studio for clients who are already attendees of Yoga Chikista in Richardson, AquaFit of Plano or Dallas Yoga Center. It is also reserved for previous clients who have met with me consistently at other venues. If you are new to the facilities I noted and new to me, I recommend that our first consultation be held at a third-party location. 


For my home studio, it's best to schedule during the week daytime hours as evenings and weekends involve my whole family being at home.


I do not have a pool, but I do have any and all yoga equipment that you could possibly need for a land consultation. You'll note that in the photo I have bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. I also have a wall rope setup that can be very helpful for individuals with wrist and shoulder issues. The wall rope anchors are rated at 400 lbs safe workload and 1200 lbs maximum break strength (MBS).


The space is approximately 9' x 8'. I also have a full size futon for individuals who cannot get down to the floor.


My home is located in zip code 75082 close to the major intersections of Renner Rd and Brand Rd in Richardson, TX.


The pricing at my home studio is as follows:

Review of intake form & preparation of script for first session: $25


First one hour session: $90

Includes modifications as I see fit of original script plus creation of personal script for client's home practice. After the session, you will receive your own personal script via email.


Follow-up sessions: $75 for 45 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes


Currently I am offering Monday and Wednesday afternoons for personal consultations at my home studio. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you absolutely need another day/time.

Rates at Third-Party Locations

 For a third party location, such as Yoga Chikitsa, Dallas Yoga Center or Aquafit of Plano the rates are as follows:


Consultation Rate at Yoga Chikitsa in Richardson:

Review of intake form & preparation of script for first session: $25

One hour session: $125


Consultation/Private Lesson Rate at Dallas Yoga Center: $125/hour


For a personal aqua practice consultation at Aquafit of Plano please see:


Rates at Your Home

If you feel you have a condition that warrants my visit to your home, I am happy to discuss that with you by phone. Please keep in mind that coming to your home involves me bringing equipment unless you have equipment that I feel will support your practice. My preference is that you come to my home studio for land based work. If you have a pool that meets my requirements and you'd like a personal aqua practice consultation, I am happy to come to your location.


For a visit to your home pool, please see:



Learn more about personal aqua practice consultations by visiting: 



Payment Process

I use a scheduling application tool called PocketSuite to handle my payment transactions. The tool operates with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which keeps payment information secure.


To reserve an appointment, you'll need to provide to me your email and/or cell phone number. When I enter your appointment in my tool, it will send you a notice to confirm. The tool requires your credit card information to confirm. Your card will not be charged for confirmation; in the event of late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice) or no-show, the tool will then charge 50% of the session rate.


When you have completed your session, you will see an invoice sent to your email or cell phone for the services I provided to you. When that invoice has been sent, you will see a link that allows you to pay with your credit card.