History of Anchored Vessel Yoga (previously Salted Mat Yoga)

Salted Mat Yoga began in 2014 after an invitation given by Mu Do Martial Arts in Garland to offer yoga classes to the community. A small group of GISD employees seeking to incorporate a routine to release tension in the upper body, build core strength and gain greater mobility came to practice twice a week. Through their dedication they experienced these benefits and many more. Their kind and cheerful spirit created the kind of atmosphere that made you realize that yoga can be practiced enjoyably and with simplicity anywhere, even in a room full of martial arts equipment and energy. Though we are not a studio with our own space, we create the kind of space that touches the heart with warmth and joy wherever we meet.


We'd love for you to be a part as we continue our story sharing simply enjoyable yoga with the community.

The inspiration behind the name

Thoughts from the founder Sandi Tindal

Salt is simple, versatile and necessary for life. Throughout time, salt has been known for its cleansing and healing properties as an antibacterial agent. It preserves food and is an electrolyte for the body. Salt has even been used to promote spiritual blessing and wellness.


Have you ever read the verse from the Bible that says, "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?" Salt has that quality of simple grit. Just a sprinkling of its presence is all that is needed to bring just a bit more fullness and flavor. You certainly do notice when it is missing!


A good pastor friend of mine joked around one day about this idea of staying salty - so the phrase "Stay salty my friends" was born.


Why "Salted Mat" then? Salty deposits might be found on your mat after a bit of sweating from practice. Salt is also a wonderful agent to use to scrub your yoga mat clean. 


I find the simplicity and grit of salt appealing and it's an element that reminds me of renewal and transformation. Through yoga I believe you can experience the same.