Merry Christmas 2016

To the wonderful Garland lunchtime yoga community - past and present!

Christmas blessings to you and yours!


Thank you for being a blessing in my life. I thoroughly enjoy teaching yoga and that experience would not have been possible without you coming and trusting me to share the practice with you.


For the past several months, I have had new opportunities arise as well as a prompting to move in a particular direction. I’d like to share with you what is coming up on my path for 2017.


Some of you know that I have been taking wall ropes yoga classes at the Dallas Yoga Center this past fall and that I will be taking a certification course to teach wall ropes yoga in January. The studio I teach at in Richardson, Yoga Chikitsa (formerly Beach Mat Yoga), will have wall ropes installed at the end of January. The studio owner has asked me to be the lead teacher for these classes. This practice is an excellent way to connect more fully with muscular engagement and proper alignment in poses; you will build strength, tone your core and improve your mobility in a very innovative way. You will also have the opportunity at every class to enjoy spinal decompression by inverting with full support! Please stay tuned as to when these classes will be scheduled.


Another one of my new opportunities involves bringing yoga to a safe house for victims of human trafficking. I will be serving under Poiema Foundation ( I have been waiting for this day for about three years. Next month, the safe house opens and my plan is to teach yoga once per week there. If you are interested in volunteering with me at the house or would like to know how you can help fight the problem of human trafficking locally, please look at the Poiema website and feel free to ask me questions.


Finally, in Fall of 2017 I plan to enroll for a master’s degree in biblical counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. It is a 90 credit hour program and each credit hour will cost me $550-$600 per credit hour. I realized this past year that I am very passionate about people experiencing healing and recovery from mental and emotional disturbances; what I have seen through my teaching is how and where these disturbances are recorded in the body and how yoga can provide relief.  I am trusting God to provide the finances through people’s generosity and the provision of income from teaching. Students who come to any of my yoga classes and workshops, book a private lesson with me or request a personalized recording are essentially supporting my future education. I also hope someday to study for my 500 hour level of yoga teaching certification from Gary Kraftsow of the Viniyoga Institute. The Viniyoga program certifies specifically in yoga therapy which is more widely recognized by the Western medical community as providing consistent and measured benefits in disease management.


In consideration of the direction I feel compelled to go, I will be discontinuing Garland lunchtime yoga classes so that I can maintain work-life balance. Some of you have mentioned to me before the idea of practice recordings and I have recently been creating those for private clients. The recordings are audio only. By practicing from audio you cultivate very good listening skills and pay more attention to how things feel. I have an aqua yoga client who has used them and shared them with other students; they all felt they had a very good experience. Let me know if you are interested in some personalized recordings for certain conditions (trouble with shoulders, low back pain management, meditation/breathing practice, etc.) and we will work out an arrangement on the value of the recordings.


Thank you again for the opportunity and joy to share yoga with you. I hope you will stay connected with me either by visiting another class I teach or contacting me for personalized work. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!





P.S. Please enjoy the slideshow of photos from your lunchtime classes! Some of you have requested to not be in photographs and I have taken care to honor your request.