New Props for Garland Lunchtime Yoga

I'm so excited!


My students know I'm a big fan of props. I spend a lot of time in my personal practice investigating tools to help with growing self-awareness. Lately, I've been promoting sitting on two yoga blocks. It's so simple but the effect can be really profound. If you haven't been to my classes recently and have two yoga blocks on hand, all you need to do is place them short height stable side by side and have a seat so that you have one sitting bone on each block. It may not seem very interesting at first, but what happens when you lean your body to the right and left? How stable is your seat? Can you root down evenly through both sitting bones (or the ischial tuberosities for my anatomy geeks) as you place your right hand on the ground and open your left side body? Those yoga blocks have just enough give to provide you the feedback to know if you're preferring one sitting bone or the other as you lean. Now give it a go on the other side. Did you notice a difference? In order to get that sense of activating down through both sitz bones evenly (or pushing down through both yoga blocks) you'll need to engage your core. Cool, isn't it?


But I digress. Yoga blocks are nothing new at lunchtime yoga. What are these mysterious new props I've invested in for my very cool lunchtime students? I will say that these props will help you connect with your core in a healthy way and can be used to help relieve tension in the shoulders and hips. Have you been slumping and need a way to coax your spine into relaxed lift and length? Maybe you've been working through some knee issues. This one-size-fits-all prop may very well be your new best friend.


Roll on into class and let's have some fun together. See you soon!

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